Agritech Visit by Nicholas Oloo Agedist

2015-04-29 09.31.59Tuesday 28th, April will be one of the days I’ll never forget in my life, personally and professionally. This was the greatest opportunity amongst the opportunities I got here in Israel. That was the visit to the International Agritech Exhibition, bringing together countries from all of the world. No wonder almost all Flags of different nationality were by the entrance of the Exhibition venue. Here are some of the things I learned during the Agritech Exhibition:

The latest Technologies:
Agriculture is not just been agriculture. Without business there is no meaning to Agriculture. In business you always think of minimum input and maximum outputs and in the end, Technology will influence everything. We saw the latest technologies available from production to marketing.
The major Technology that attracted me very much was the Irrigation technology. I visited various stands to understand more about irrigation. Some of the stands were by NETAFIM, JAIN-Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (I received a present from them in a bag), Flex&free, Raphael Valves, and others. We learned major lessons on how to get the best irrigation method and maximum utility of water by the plants. Different irrigation implements were spread worldwide, Israel being a major player in Irrigation. So if you think of Agriculture and Agronomy think of Irrigation as part of the project.
Other tents in regards to Technology were the Greenhouses and included meeting different professionals who talked to me about their technology. From the cost to the effectiveness of the Green houses and the importance of owning one of the Green houses. Some of the tents I visited were; Azron Agricultural Innovations, P.A.R AVIV CONSTRUCTION & ENTERPRISE LTD., P. MARON construction & Project Services Ltd. among others.
I am not afraid to share that the best Technology amongst the best, that was AKOL, Agriculture knowledge on-line. Their link is This a serious link that anyone with serious interest in Agriculture should not let it go.

Amongst the other things that took place in the Exhibition center was the social environment. The exhibition brought together people from all of the world, let me just repeat; prominent people. My country, Kenya, was well represented, from my Ambassador here in Israel to many farmers from

2015-04-28 12.43.10

Kenya who were all present at the exhibition.

This was the best opportunity I’ve had to express my interest in agriculture. One thing I realized is that the people I interacted with have very high expectations from us. And this is because of Agrostudies. I don’t think there is a better introduction than introducing myself as a ‘STUDENT’. Wherever they hear the word, I see hope. I met different diplomats, Governors, members of country assembly, Members of parliament and other different stake holders in

Agricultural fields in KENYA. I really felt like I was home.

To conclude and summarize this wonderful Agritech exhibition, let me express my sincere gratitude to the Agrostudies staff whom made this happen, especially to the Ruppin Campus leader, Principal Julie Balachsan and all the Agrostudies’ students for their cooperation. I can’t forget the Kenyan Students, thank you all and May God Bless you.

NICHOLAS OLOO, class 7 member

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