Blog-PicWe invite agricultural college students from developing countries all over the world to Israel for a one year internship, an experience of a lifetime. Our program involves learning by doing, acquiring practical hands on experience alongside theoretical studies, using the most cutting edge agricultural technologies available in a wide variety of fields.

Felix Laurent from Cameroon tells us about his progress since graduating Agrostudies a few years ago. He has established a successful farm and has even become a member of Parliament, doing everything he can to promote agriculture in Cameroon and share his knowledge.
Every month we will be telling you a little about Israeli farmers who are partners with Agrostudies. This time, Yaniv Savir of Savir Grapes who has recently won the badge of excellence for his work on the plantation.
Throughout the year Agrostudies’ agronomists are busy teaching and enriching the students’ knowledge. Aside from the regular lessons that take place at the campuses, the agronomists often travel to the farms where the students are interning and offer them additional field courses that have a practical side to them.
More than a sign of continued cooperation between the countries (which it is), these visits by local representatives from their homes are like a message from home. It reminds them that they are doing something that is bigger than themselves and that will benefit many. They are reminded that by working and studying hard they are making meaningful progress, for their entire nation. They are reminded that they are bringing pride to their motherlands.