Blog PageWe invite agricultural college students from developing countries all over the world to Israel for a one year internship, an experience of a lifetime. Our program involves learning by doing, acquiring practical hands on experience alongside theoretical studies, using the most cutting edge agricultural technologies available in a wide variety of fields.

“Every morning I have to make sure that all the lambs are alright, that’s the first thing”. Young lambs are very prone to different kinds of illnesses and sadly, losing one of these cuties is not wholly uncommon. The interns learn to recognize different types of diseases and treat them. For example, Psyrah has become an expert on the type of antibiotics that the lamb needs to receive, depending on the symptoms it is exhibiting.
Okot Ben is a graduate of Agrostudies who completed the internship in 2015. He completed a degree in Agriculture in Uganda and then interned on Zarfati fruit farm in Israel. Even before completing his internship he started thinking about ways in which he could make a difference.
He began with one farm, called “Egreen Summer farm”. It consists of 2 greenhouses in which he grows tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, kale, zucchini, herbs and other green leaves. His farm was so successful that in a national contest, the “Villar Sipag Youth Poverty Reduction Challenge”, his farm was named one of the top ten youth social enterprises in the Philippines.
Livnat Goldenberg, a new addition to the Agrostudies team is teaching the very popular post-harvest course, during which the students acquire crucial information on sorting, classification and handling of harvest produce after it has been picked!