Blog-PicWe invite agricultural college students from developing countries all over the world to Israel for a one year internship, an experience of a lifetime. Our program involves learning by doing, acquiring practical hands on experience alongside theoretical studies, using the most cutting edge agricultural technologies available in a wide variety of fields.

A cooperative of (currently) 67 agriculturalists, of which 95% are Agrostudies students is basically revolutionizing agriculture in Rwanda, thanks to the local government’s support and the students’ skills. The cooperative was created just over a year ago, in June 2016 by 10 Agrostudies graduates who wanted to change the face of Agriculture in Rwanda and decided to pool their resources together and establish a wide range of projects.
To become successful at anything is hard work. Some are lucky and come from a background that makes things easier for them and for others it is harder to push themselves towards opportunities, and it requires hard work and persistence to make things happen. In the case of Darius Kanyesigye, it was the latter, but he is certainly proving up to the task.
Dennis Komakech graduated last September from Agrostudies and he has been busy fulfilling his dreams with hard work and ingenuity ever since. After seeing farmers in Israel grow crops in deserts that receive next to no rain at all he decided to act. He purchased a pump and a single sprinkler.
One of the students’ favorite courses is a 3 day course in goat farming during which they learn a lot about small ruminant farming. The course is divided into three days, during which they acquire a wealth of knowledge and many creative ideas that they can implement later on in their home countries.