Blog-PicWe invite agricultural college students from developing countries all over the world to Israel for a one year internship, an experience of a lifetime. Our program involves learning by doing, acquiring practical hands on experience alongside theoretical studies, using the most cutting edge agricultural technologies available in a wide variety of fields.

More than a sign of continued cooperation between the countries (which it is), these visits by local representatives from their homes are like a message from home. It reminds them that they are doing something that is bigger than themselves and that will benefit many. They are reminded that by working and studying hard they are making meaningful progress, for their entire nation. They are reminded that they are bringing pride to their motherlands.
Calata Corporation delegation to Israel is part of a general plan to expand the corporation's activities and create collaborations with Israel, which will include Agrostudies. The Corporation will implement advanced methods of agriculture and technology using the help of Agrostudies graduates in the Philippines.
Mr. Zacaria Kambou is a farmer in the Burkina Faso. Last year he completed the Agrostudies program in Israel and returned to his home country to continue working and developing as a farmer.“ Agribusiness is Burkina Faso is not easy at all, especially if you are a beginner and lack financial means. We are in the embryonic stage but our strength remains and we remain determined with unwavering courage and optimism” says Kambou.
A group of these students from the city of Luang Prabang pooled some of the money they earned while interning here in Israel and donated materials to a local school. Their donations included games, writing materials, notebooks, soccer balls, drinks and much more for the benefit of the school children.