Characterization of Three Tomato Varieties in Organic Farming

The third and final summary presentation of this year’s students projects deals with organic farming of tomatoes.

Our choice in presenting these projects was made to show a variety, both in terms of the subjects studied and also in terms of the students researching. There are many more projects, some of which will be presented during the graduation ceremony on September 1st.

5e535887-97ce-48f3-a38c-892a321ae6bfGroup Members: Mike Mukuwa, Simon Musonda

Country: Zambia

Objectives: The study aims to:

-          Characterize three varieties of tomatoes

-          Compare the varieties

-          Determine the timing of fruit maturity

-          Determine the quality and quantity of fruits per variety

The experiments took place at Yarok 2000 an organic farm.


The students hypothesized that there would be significant differences between three varieties of tomatoes: 1. Cherry 1559, 2. Oval 1742 and 3. Cluster 1558.  The differences will be measured through the shape, size, color, quantity and quality of the fruits.


15 plants in total were selected for the experiment, 5 of each type. They were all planted inside a greenhouse where they were planted 60cm/40cm apart.

Data was collected every three days through monitoring and by recording observations of the parameters defined earlier.

Economic Importance:

Tomatoes have a very high consumption rate, particularly in developed countries. In Israel for example, the price of tomatoes can have a major effect on the Consumer Price Index.

Tomatoes have high nutritional values, including high levels of vitamin A and C. They are suited for different cropping systems and grow over short periods of time, meaning they can generate a good income for farmers throughout the year.

06fe8ec4-4507-404f-b6e2-22cd6ef37359Conclusion and Recommendations:

It is important for the farmer to know which variety of tomato to grow depending on his preferences. The results showed that if a farmer wants a sweet variety, he should grow the cherry variety 1559, whilst if he wishes to grow large diameter fruit he should plant cluster variety 1558. If he is short in time and wants fruits that will mature early, the oval variety 1742 should be his choice.

Overall, the oval and cluster tomato varieties recorded the highest yield whilst the cherry was the sweetest.

The students also make a point in recommending organic farming as was done on their farms for environmentally friendly farming that leads to wonderful quality in the crops.

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