EDEN PROJECT at Kibbutz Ein Carmel

1_25184869911_oABOUT EDEN PROJECT

I still remember the day I decided to take part in the Agricultural Internship Program in Israel. At that time, I did not know anything about agriculture, but I believed that if I had the chance to go abroad to work and learn, I will have a better future.

During my time in Israel I enjoyed my life in the real agricultural environment. There are days when the weather is too cold, I wear many layers of cloths but I’m still freezing. There are also days the weather is too hot, I drink so much water but still feel thirsty. Mud, dust, heavy rain, hot sunlight, hard work…

But I love my life right now, I love the life with agriculture.

Not satisfied with the present, several friends and I at Kibbutz Ein Karmel decided to build a mini agricultural zone, where we can use all the advanced agricultural models today, for example: Aquaponics, Family Drip System, Hydroponics and more.

This is how Eden Project was born.

img_20160216_073227_25158136212_oList of the systems:

-          Aquaponics: A system that combines raising fish and planting vegetables together. Fish waste is a source of nutrition for the plant. The plant absorbs the fish waste and cleans the water for the fish, a perfectly closed cyclic system.

-          Family Drip System: Includes two different kinds of systems, one is based on gravity and the other uses a water pump to bring water to the drip pipe.

-          Hydroponics: The traditional Hydroponics system.

The automation of all the systems inside the Eden Project is our greatest pride.

We spent a lot of time designing the infrastructure, and making it suitable for automation. That ensures we don’t spend too much time to operate any of system.

In addition, in order to improve the beauty of our Garden of Eden, we built a flashing light system, and brought a music speaker inside. With these added components, the Eden Garden will be extremely beautiful at night.


img_20160216_074145_25251685746_oEDEN PROJECT’S DEVELOPMENT IN THE FUTURE

​The next thing we intend to develop at Eden Project is to upgrade our Aquaponics system. After a period of operation, certain complications were raised in the Aquaponics system. For example, the issue of ensuring the water environmental conditions (temperature, pH, ammonia concentration…). Because water is a living environment as well as the environment provides nutrients for three biotas include fish, plants and microorganism a certain equilibrium must be maintained.

To solve this issue we chose to apply recent technological developments into the Aquaponics system. Specifically, we will use Raspberry Pi (a mini computer) and combine it with temperature sensor and pH sensor to control almost all the water conditions, thereby, ensuring an optimal environment for all animals and plants in the Aquaponics system.

This really is an interesting challenge because in addition to knowledge in agriculture, now we need to learn more about programming, electronics and many other things to be able manage everything. Even so, during my five months living in Israel, I have learned that with the Israeli people, nothing is impossible. The only issue is whether or not you have enough determination and commitment.

We will continue to engage in our dream garden, the Eden Garden.

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