Farm Profile: Gezer Dairy Farm

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-28 at 10.00.17Established in 1974
Managed by Marcus Ben Elias and owned by the Kibbutz.


Gezer farm specializes in dairy cows and has 270 milking cows. Aside from the Agrostudies students they have a few Thai workers and the kibbutz workers.

Despite being a rather large dairy farm the atmosphere is very familial. Life in the Kibbutz is different from what most of us are used to and it provides an additional facet to the experiences the students have.

They take great care of their cows. At the farm the students learn everything there is to know about rearing cows and calves. They experience calving, and learn treat infections when they arise. They even learn how to bath them.

 During the summer, when temperatures rise the cows suffer from the heat and become agitated. At Gezer they each receive a 40 minute shower timed to perfection, with a WhatsApp Image 2017-02-28 at 10.00.18variation of cold and warm water and blow drying. This has been proven to reduce their body heat and increase their comfort and productivity during the summer.

At the moment they are in the middle of a small technological revolution. Following a three year agreement with Tnuva, they are installing the new and most advanced equipment by Afimilk. This is also called project G.

This equipment uses electrodes to measure the fatty and protein levels in the milk in real time, as it is being milked from the cow. It then separates the high fat milk from the low fat milk and places it in different tanks. This way the trucks already know where to take the milk. High protein milk goes to the cheese factories while milk that is low in fat and protein is used for producing low fat milks. This separation means it takes much less time to distinguish and necessitates fewer preservatives, making it possible to create a healthier final product for consumption.

This is real cutting edge technology that the students interning at the farm get to experience and work with.

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