Joshua Enyetu – On the Road to Success

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-25 at 19.27.03Joshua Enyteu
graduated from Agrostudies in 2014 and returned to his homeland Uganda.

There he began by creating a partnership and began growing tomatoes. He used his technical knowledge and grew more than 11 tons of tomatoes on less than an acre of open fields, using pumps to irrigate the field but fortune was not so kind this first time around, and he and his partner were not able to market all the produce. Along with high land and labor costs, they were unable to return their investment and he decided to turn to a few other directions as a means of recuperating his initial investment.

A true entrepreneur knows that success is a bumpy road, but it will always lead forward if you learn from your mistakes and find a new ways to realize your goals.

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Joshua was determined to continue both helping his fellow countrymen and use his unique knowledge from Israel. So he turned to several new venues. The first is financial. In Uganda, as in many places around the world, it is very hard to get a loan, especially if you are not the lucky owner of some special collateral. To resolve this Joshua joined a cooperative that offers small loans to local community members who decide to join the cooperative. This is a wonderful solution and those who benefit from it the most are those who need loans to expand their education, open small business and work in agriculture. Enyetu is using the economical knowledge he gained in Israel to make this small improvement, but he has not forgotten his first passion – agriculture.

“Last year, in the area I come from, people suffered from hunger. So I thought, what can I do? I decided to give them information, because many have the wrong ideas about irrigation. They think it is very expensive and only meant for the rich, but it’s not so”. Enytu began instructing local farmers on simple methods of irrigation. He lets them know what methods and means are available to them and achievable and shows them how to use them.

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He also gives private consultancy on hydraulic structures. He designs, installs and constructs valley dams and various other structures irrigation through rainfall, underground water and open surface.

Meanwhile, he is close to starting up his own ventures in agriculture, this time with even more experience and determination. Because everyone will probably fail from time to time but it takes a true entrepreneur to keep at it, learn and grow.

“I’m trying my best to help my community” he says “given what I received in Israel. I was very inspired while I was there, to do what I can”.

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