Malawi Agrostudies Graduates Launch Farming Projects

20150727_161639Kareem Longwe and Peter Wofasta Chimangeni, two Agriculturalists from Malawi who completed the Agrostudies course last year have already taken the initiative and, exhibiting an extraordinary entrepreneur spirit, have  already begun launching a series of projects in their home country to pass forward what they learned in Israel.

Longwe and Chimangeni returned to Malawi and developed an organization that will soon be training agriculture graduates in modern agriculture. They are also working on modifying drip irrigation to fit Malawi’s environment and produce citrus seedlings.

20150727_161927Their initiative includes three separate projects.

  • An agro-hitech incubation farming center they are currently developing. Here they provide training to agriculture college graduates with the aim of familiarizing them with modern farming techniques, including drip irrigation and growing high value crops. The students will spend 6 moths on these farms, trained in both livestock and crops until they gain confidence and independence.  Upon completion of the incubation period they will be provided with a soft loan. There is already an Israeli investor who plans to join them in partnership.


  • Fruit seedling multiplication center. To produce quality seedlings for modern fruit varieties such as mangoes and citrus they are using experience they acquired from Agrostudies. They claim one of the big challenges in Malawi is to increase the number of fruit, similar to Israel so they intend to develop the industry by propagating quality planting materials.


  • Honey production.  Their third and final project that has not yet been fully developed relates to honey production, another area they wish to see succeed and flourish in their home country.

20150220_150120Mr. Longwe wrote Agrostudies to tell them about his project: “I returned from Israel Agrostudies last year and I have passionately shared the knowledge I gained. With my friend we are implementing a number of projects to help our country. I was inspired by the award Agrostudies gave during graduation and I appreciate all the Agrostudies staff.”

Longwe also wished to encourage the students currently studying in Israel: “Please make sure you learn all that is important and take the information back to your countries. Make sure you implement whatever you have learned there and become self-dependent”.


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