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WhatsApp Image 2017-02-18 at 04.13.53 (1)I was particularly attracted by the agricultural sector when I was in high school in Batchoum in the West region. It all started when my best friend and I went to his plantation. I was immediately fascinated by the beauty of nature and also surprised by the great initiative that he took although he was very young.

I was motivated to create my own plantation on family’s field with his help and I encouraged financially by my parents who believed in my dreams. This encouragement gave me enormous psychological strength. After obtaining my BEPC (brevet d etudes du premier cycle) in 2014 I decided registered to the agricultural institute of Obala at Yaounde where I trained in that sector. After one year of training I benefitted from a grant that gave me the opportunity to continue with my training at Rupin University in Israel during the academic year of 2015-16. At the end of my training, I received my diploma at my university.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-09 at 10.07.08 (1)In Israel I acquired a lot of knowledge. I discovered, for example, new techniques in horticulture to improve the yield in quality and quantity, whilst at the same time protecting the environment.

After coming back from Israel’s university I decided to use my knowledge in my plantation. Firstly I expanded it. Now I cultivate on hectares, secondly I diversified my plants (plantain, corn..). I am considering starting a fish farm and breeding poultry and to make this happen I am creating my own company in the West region, precisely at Bamendjou.

I am a young entrepreneur and I am still studying at the agricultural institute of Obala to obtain other certificates. I would like to promote Agriculture because it remains a great factor for the development of the economy of the country. My dreams are coming true because of my determination, my passion and my work.

This year, the Cameroonian’s government organized a competition to examine young agriculturalists. 180 winners would be trained in the agricultural sector. I was interested and applied to it. After consulting my file and seeing my achievements I was chosen. At the beginning of February 2017 we were called to the National Assembly for a seminar.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-13 at 17.44.21During the seminar they clearly explained what we were supposed to do and also took our suggestions for agricultural development in Cameroon. A after the seminar the government officially nominated all of us as “young members of Parliament” at the National Assembly and we received diplomas.

My objective is to encourage young people to be interested in agricultural sector by showing them all the advantages it has.

Also, I want to encourage them so that later they can be autonomous and create jobs for other young people, by showing them how it contributes to their social integration in company.

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