A View of the Past Year at Agrostudies by Roel Vera Cruz

Roel VeraCruz“The language of nature is to give life and the tendency of each organisms is for self-preservation.” The first statement shall always be above the second statement. If the other way around happens, problem arises.

Everything has always a beginning and an end but the end is always a hint for a new beginning. It was just like a wink of an eye that we greeted hello to each other. Now, we will be departing and will be saying goodbye to everyone. But I’m sure most of us if not all have something to bring and to share back to our country. What to bring? What to share? We will be bringing and sharing all the things that had happened to us between our “hellos” and “goodbyes.”

Agriculture is the frame of all civilizations. It provides food to the hungry populations if the goods will be allocated adequately. It makes the society stable. It always gives nurturance. It is pro-life.

Agriculture is an art, a science and a business. The farm shall be built on aesthetics, with system and return of what the farmer invested.

My fellow students, farmers in the future and the provider of our future, we have a big task now. We are the holder of what lies ahead of our country. We are cradling the coming days of our neighbor. And it is always good to participate and to act on this challenge.

Few months ago, I witnessed how we worked hard during winter. Our boots are full of muds, our face full of uncertainties but we still had some strength to climb the ladder and to reach the fruits up high. We are burned by the heat of the sun during summer. Our sweat that runs down on our brow, can testify our struggles.

We are here, we have seen and we experienced. Our experienced are varied and it is all up to us what to pick and put in our backpack going home and to throw back to the ground the unpleasant ones. “Those who sow it shall reap.”

It doesn’t mean that we have to be rich to be a good farmer but we need to be clever. In order to be such Agrostudies is designing a program and courses. Like the Agricultural Economics which helps us to set our goal, our plan and to manage the resources we have. It is always good to learn simple accounting to monitor what we ought to do with the resources available and to allocate them at a right time and in a right place. All the courses offered to us are intertwined and hopefully shaping what lies ahead to us. We may not appreciate them today but we will grasp them when we are at frontiers of our task.

I really appreciate this program (Agrostudies). It is the best way of crossing the border. Crossing the border without weapons but “food” in our hands offering to all: to all the races especially to the hungry population of our planet. It is good to realize that agriculture is the backbone of a developing a nation. All civilizations begun by tilling the land. AND WE CONTINUE TO TILL THE LAND!


I do hope that this program will continue and prosper! SO SHALL IT BE!


Roel Vera Cruz

University of Eastern Philippines

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