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About Us

Agrostudies is an international training center which provides a program for agricultural education in Israel to interns from developing countries around the world.


The program, which was built with the support and oversight from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Agriculture, focuses on capacity building through practical and professional knowledge transfer in the field of agriculture, and promotes food security around the world by providing the participants with a creative, practical and dynamic educational framework.


The program, operating since 2005, trains interns from Southeast Asia and Africa on carefully selected farms throughout Israel, as part of Israel support for developing countries. The program is an integral part of the agricultural studies of the participants in their home countries, with the goal of providing an opportunity for practical experiential learning in advanced, modern agricultural methods.


The program combines frontal instruction and theoretical studies with work in practical agricultural internships on farms around Israel. The internships are based on the “Learning by Doing” method, by which the participants gain first-hand experience of advanced agricultural technologies and methods at an international standard in various specializations. The goal of the program is to directly connect the theoretical knowledge the participants study to the implementation of modern agriculture. Graduates of the program become leading agriculturists in countries where agriculture is largely for sustenance.


The participants gain experience through work on leading farms throughout Israel, and take part in courses focusing on practical agricultural methods. The entire program is a unique experience- participants are exposed to diverse cultures through their fellows and colleagues; they travel and become familiar with Israel and Israeli culture; at the same time, they are in an intensive study program which provides them with an unparalleled professional development experience. Israeli agriculturists have the opportunity not only to work with the participants, but to pass on their wide knowledge in their field. In this way there is an on-going impact- when the participants return to their home countries, they are able to pass on their knowledge, and enable more and more commercial agriculture in the developing world


At the end of the program, the participants leave with professional experience and knowledge, allowing them to develop and promote the agricultural sector in their country.

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