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Thanh Mi Vietnam

Batch 2018-2019

Thanh Mi, an Agrostudies 2018-2019 graduate from Vietnam, returned home from her internship and started a diversified farm producing medicinal plants.


“I made a farm with my friend, whom I met in Israel. We grow herbal plants- which are good for improving health”


The first task was figuring out which plants were suitable for production in the soil and climate of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. She currently is growing Hibiscus, Ginger, Ginseng, Jasmine, and turmeric. The farm specialized in diversified crops and agro-ecological methods.


“We grow all organic plants without fertilizer. We make compost, and grow corn and beans together. The plants support each other and reduce insects”.


Thanh’s goal is to become a hub- “a place to do research, and to promote and sell products. When we have more customers we will cooperate with farmers to grow for us. We want to make sustainable eco-agriculture in Viet Nam and bring good agricultural products to people for a good price.”


Much of the knowledge and skills Thanh is employing in her agricultural venture, she learned in Israel. “Agrostudies taught me basic things about soil, fertilizer, fruits, vegetables, harvest and post-harvest, irrigation, and business development. I practiced searching and filtering information on the internet. I have knowledge and know how to find any information I need, so I can choose and apply suitable methods for my farm”


Thanh is looking forward to expanding her farm, and growing her business using tools she learned in Israel.


“We are still growing. This is motivation for me, when things are difficult I remember what I did, and that I can do more than I think, and keep myself moving forward to my objective. Agrostudies gave me the power and solidly prepared me for the future”.

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