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Jessa Samonte Philippines

Batch 2014-2015

Jessa Samonte graduated Agrostudies in 2014, and has since started a successful business producing oyster mushrooms in the Philippines named Agro mushroom enterprise. The business is expanding and Jessa is interested in conducting trainings and opening branches in other municipalities.

Jessa and her partners, some of which are also Agrostudies graduates, credit the program with providing them with professional knowledge, interpersonal and management skills, as well as self-empowerment.

“Agrostudies has a lot of effects in my life, I learned a lot in Agrostudies”

Of course, Jessa’s familiarity with modern methods, tools, and technology is an advantage. 

“I learned modern technology which I'm using now in my career path”

When the project started, and the partners began with a small house for mushroom production. Using modern technology and sustainable practices, they hope to use their business for local development.

“Our goal is to help small farmers and especially youth in our community, to teach them how agricultural waste can become a source of food and money”

Of the nine members of the enterprise, 5 are graduates from the program all of whom “learned how to deal with other people” and have proven themselves successful as a team.

Jessa also adds that some of the growth has been personal: “I've become a better me. Thanks to Agrostudies”

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