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Ahabwe Canary

Batch 2018-2019

“Agrostudies program has transformed my life, it is because of it that I am what and who I am today” says Ahabwe Canary from Uganda who graduated the program on 2019.

Today, Canary not only operates a successful farm in his home country, he has also become a beacon in his community. However, the journey here was not always easy.

During his time in the Agrostudies program Canary found his calling while he was training in mushroom farm, learning all about the products and operations. Therefore, upon returning to Uganda he started his own venture, attempting to grow fresh and dry oyster mushrooms. Unfortunately, his first and second attempts were not fruitful. However, this didn’t discourage Canary, “I failed, but I didn’t stop working” he states. By his third try, 20 of the 50 oyster mushroom gardens he had propagated started yielding. Thanks to the knowledge he acquired in the program he knew what he was doing wrong and could realize his mistakes and accommodate his farm to the local conditions.

Following this, and as soon as he was able to get his business on its feet, Canary decided to open his own demonstration farm, where he could train the future generations of agriculturalists of Uganda. All of this has not only benefited him, but also provided him the platform to create opportunities for younger people of Uganda, and through it to reach important and influential people, and together make a change for the better.

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