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Batch 2018-2019

When Gerald Tumuhimbise visited Nazareth on an Agrostudies tour in December 2018, he took away something more than just the experience of being there: he was inspired to name his farm after the city: Nazareth Farm in Uganda, which he started upon returning home.

Tumuhimbise’s project is a diversified farm with many revenue streams, and already employs several full- and part-time employees. The farm includes 5 acres of established banana fields, which he is modernizing, based on practices he learned in Israel: “Agrostudies gave me a great kick-start to achieve my farming goals; I got a vast knowledge of Agriculture”

In other parts of the farm, Tumuhimbise maintains cross-breed diary animals to provide manure for the bananas, and will soon be producing milk. He also grows 4 acres of beans inter cropped with corn and 20 acres of rice. By growing diverse products, Tumuhimbise is able to profit from a variety of market schemes, and integrate his supply-chain- by producing his own manure and feed, for example. “I was exposed to a real world of Agribusiness. I thought I can start small and achieve big.”

Tumuhimbise is planning to increase his farm’s productivity, hire more employees, and ultimately, continue gaining more knowledge that he can use to improve Uganda’s agricultural sector. In addition to managing Nazareth Farm, Tumuhimbise is also studying to earn his Master’s degree in Agronomy. We wish him great success as he applies the knowledge he gained in Israel, and as he continues to make an impact in his country. “I can sustain my life and take care of the people around me, we hope to improve Uganda's agriculture with this knowledge”

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