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Agbai Samue


Batch 2018-2019

When Samuel Agbai returned to Ghana after his time in Agrostudies, his experience in Israel helped to define his immediate actions.

“We have started rice production since about half the rice consumed in Ghana is imported. Actually this is the same project we pitched during our business competition”

Indeed, Samuel, and eight other Agrostudies graduates used the business plan they produced in the Entrepreneurship Competition to start “Feed a Village”, an agricultural operation with a focus on food security, bridging the supply and demand gap of rice, a staple food in Ghana.

Samuel and his partners applied their agricultural knowledge from the program, as well as business management skills.

“Agrostudies has shown me a better and more efficient way of going about the farming business with a focus on mechanization”.

Additionally, his time in Israel with other students from around the world has helped Samuel take advantage of an increasingly connected global community, maintaining friendships around the world, and encouraging professional collaboration between Agrostudies graduates.

“I have friends now in different parts of the world where we share ideas, opportunities and collaborate virtually, thanks to Agrostudies.”

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