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Rebecca Nakayenga - Uganda

Rebecca Nakayenga Uganda

Batch 2017-2018

Rebecca Nakayenga from Uganda always loved farming, even before she came to Israel in 2017-2018 for an Agrostudies Internship.  Her experience in a large-scale farm changed her perspective on farming, and majorly impacted how she applied her knowledge and experience upon her return to Uganda.


“When I came to Israel, I started looking at farming as something I can do at a commercial level. That's when I lost the idea of looking for a job, so that I can concentrate on my own idea”


Nakayenga took her idea, and flew with it. She started Kisakye Farm, which specializes in animal production, including swine, poultry and rabbits. In addition to implementing intensive and semi-intensive production techniques, Kisakye also functions as a demonstration center- teaching local farmers agricultural basics, and providing extension such as veterinary services and breeding and selling high-quality piglets and baby rabbits.


Besides being a successful business, it is of utmost importance to Nakayenga to contribute to the welfare of her local community.


“My main aim was solving the problem of malnutrition in the community through training farmers in the basic principles of production and improving their financial status”


Nakayenga loves what she does, from business development and community involvement, to the day-to-day work on the farm


“I find it joyful interacting with my farm, the animals, it's amazing. I have this project because of Agrostudies, and I don't know how long it would take me to have it if it were not Agrostudies... I cannot finish listing all the ways in which Agrostudies has been a positive effect in my life but currently, I am what I am because of Agrostudies"

IMG-20190807-WA0073 - Agaba Issa Mugabo.
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