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Sum Odom


Batch 2017-2018

After he graduated the Agrostudies program, Odom had the idea to open a business of Aquatic animals. He asked permission from his faculty to start a small project until he will be able to open his own place.

His plan is to produce aquatic animals such as fish and frogs to supply for local markets in Cambodia.

However, Odom keeps thinking about the future and he is planning to supply this product directly to consumers.  

When Odom was asked why he decided to start this kind of business he said “The reason which makes us to do this business is because we want to give a good food (healthy, nutritious and reliable) to consumers. Especially to ensure food security in my local area”.

“During the training in Israel I got knowledge about agricultural activities in field and how agriculture is important for food security”.

“Agrostudies has provided us the chance to learn how agriculture can play a big role for human lives”

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